Sunday, December 27, 2009

Printing New Labels

Now that the 2009 vintage is finished and resting in barrel, it is time to prepare for bottling the wines from 2008. Every year at this time we print the labels for our new vintage. Our winemaker, Jean-Fran├žois just returned from British Columbia where we have our labels printed. It is a very sophisticated and ecologically friendly printing process. Tapp Technologies uses a waterless offset printing press that adds colors to the blank paper one color at a time until the image is complete. The copper foil embellishment is than added and the labels are ready for us to use. Jean-Fran├žois was visiting Tapp Technologies to observe the printing process and to do the final print check of the new Pepper Bridge label. We have made a label upgrade starting with the 2008 vintage. It isn't a huge label redesign, just a tweaking of the great label we already have. More than anything it is just a difference of font size for the vintage and varietal, making both easier to read. The new label also uses a little more copper foil which looks fabulous. This new label will be attached to a new bottle size as well. We have a new slightly taller, more elegant bottle for the 2008 vintage. We will be using our new labels and bottles when we bottle the 2008 Merlot and Seven Hills Vineyard in March. These wines will have their grand unveiling in the fall of 2010, so until then here is a sneak preview of our new label!

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